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Picture of Scott Stoll, founder Flutter Productions

About Scott Stoll

Scott is an American mobile application developer, author, speaker, trainer and Flutter evangelist. A jack of most trades technical, his own past training ranges from 4000 hours of formal schooling as a U.S. Navy Electronics Technician to being a trained public speaker and self taught application developer.

After a series of nagging injuries, it became clear he needed to find a career that doesn't involve lifting, climbing on or crawling under machinery in order to effect: “desperate, last minute solutions to impossible problems” (created by other people). He soon realized that his formal training in troubleshooting and problem solving could also be applied to software. After a bit of digging, he discovered Flutter in the fall of 2017 and never looked back.

Today, Scott is a co-founder of the Flutter Study Group (FSG), a Slack group inspired by the Android Study Group. He is also owner of the “Flutter Worldwide Virtual Office”; an all day / every day Zoom web conference used by Flutter developers from too many countries to keep track of, on six continents, that continues to gather some of the most skilled Flutter developers in the world.

He's the creator and facilitator of "HumpDayQandA", a weekly "Office Hours" every Wednesday where anyone can come in for help with Flutter; which has advisors available in seven languages and counting. He is also one of several people behind the “Flutter Community” on Medium.com

He is available for various talks and training sessions, including the ever-popular Flutter 101, “Flutter: Beyond Hello World”, Animation Basics, State Managament Approaches, Firebase and Flutter as well as a training program intended to take your team from zero to productive in Flutter in a week; due to be unveiled in late Summer / early Fall 2018.

He can be reached at scott@flutter.productions, @ScottS2017 on Twitter, is known as Scott in the FSG Slack group and can often be found in his public Zoom meeting at https://zoom.us/j/6592194465